On this page you can read the latest news from our company and our partners as well as recent updates from the world of plastics industry.

industry news
Introducing Polypropylene Waxes

At the very least, I always find it reassuring when we hear of any new plastics recycling effort. But, it’s downright inspirational when that effort is effectively converting...

company updates
International Cooperation

We are glad to announce that we start the integration of our international cooperation program involving European and Asian companies specializing in plastics production. Since...

interesting facts
How Plastics Influence Sports

Plastics have revolutionised sports in recent years. From tracks on which Olympic athletes pursue new records to shoes, clothing, safety equipments (helmets, kneepads)...

Making Robots Safer Around People

So-called “collaborative” robots, or “cobots,” have captured the imagination of a number of plastics processors who are looking for automation that can operate safely in...